nemzetközi közlekedéslogisztikai konferencia
Association of Hungarian Logistics Service Centres

Since 2002 the Association of Hungarian Logistics Service Centres (MLSZKSZ) has been a significant association of logistics and transport in Hungary, comprising about 90 % of the Hungarian logistic service centres. In Hungary MLSZKSZ is the only association that covers the entire service chain, the other organisations deal only with certain areas and strands of logistics.

The Association was founded in 2002 with the aim to realise the efficient cooperation of logistic service centres, to promote the business operations of the companies within its sphere, to boost their competitiveness and to create new business opportunities. It has nearly 100 member organisations and its revenues exceeded HUF 878 billion in 2020.

nemzetközi közlekedéslogisztikai konferencia
prepared speakers
nemzetközi közlekedéslogisztikai konferencia
International Transport Logistics Conference 2022

Each year MLSZKSZ organizes the most prestigious event of the transport logistics profession: the International Transport Logistics Conference, where the planned themes include the current topics and news of the field combined with innovative and forward looking national and international solutions. In 2022 the rapid changes of the digital word generate a rhythm that we can only keep if we keep looking ahead, continuously develop, search for new and effective solutions. This progress often involves risks, as it is not easy to see clearly in the diversity of our world. Nevertheless, those who succeed can gain a significant competitive advantage. Our event tries to help to see clearly in logistics so that we can make our decisions with the least element of risk possible.

Why be there?

Because this is the first logistic event of the year

Because we will have real-time information

Because we introduce you to innovative and far-reaching solutions

Because we respect „time”

Because it’s good to build social capital or to extend the existing social network

Because you are going to hear about the most current topics of the profession

Because we offer you lots of novelties

Because you can get answers here from the best ones

Because we pay attention to you, we provide special experience

And because everybody who is anybody will be there…You too!

Countdown has started

Planned topics

High-level presentations with innovative and forward-looking solutions.with visionary solutions.

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Who will speak?

Listen to 20 inspiring presentations, get to know the famous Hungarian and international experts of logistics and let’s have a party after the event!

nemzetközi közlekedéslogisztikai konferencia

Zsolt Fülöp

nemzetközi közlekedéslogisztikai konferencia

Kristóf Péter Bakai

National Tax and Customs
Brigadier General, Director General of Customs
nemzetközi közlekedéslogisztikai konferencia

Ruben Bántó

Elektromega Ltd.
director of commercial
nemzetközi közlekedéslogisztikai konferencia

Csaba Benedek

[PR Csoport]
film technology project manager
nemzetközi közlekedéslogisztikai konferencia

Zoltán Pogátsa

economic analyst
nemzetközi közlekedéslogisztikai konferencia

Viktor Lippai

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1-day participation

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Full participation

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Ticket information

Select the type of participation fee convenient for you! You can choose a day-ticket or a ticket for the whole event (full-time participation). You are entitled to different discounts:

  • Pre-registration reduced fees until January 30th 2022.
  • Further discounts for the members of MLSZKSZ.
  • Reduced fees for students, professors (only for the professional events, this discount cannot be combined with any other reductions).
  • Reduced fees for the invited guests, supporters, exhibitors, (this discount cannot be combined with any other reductions).
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The 2020 Conference in pictures

On both days of the conference you can establish valuable contacts and gain precious knowledge during the presentations, in the breaks and in the course of other interesting programmes. Participation is limited!

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They always go along with us…

77% of the 2020 conference participants said that the conference was „better” or „much better” than the similar events.